How do you Use Tutorial?

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    January 7, 2019

    Tutorial is a very valuable tool that is given to all students at Davis high school. They are given 45 minutes every week during school, to get caught up or do their homework. Not many schools are given this great opportunity. Yet most students are not using as they should be. They are not doing any school work at all. They are just going to talk to their friends and doing whatever they want to except for school work.

    Student Elijah Williamson is a junior this year as he was interviewed it became more and more evident that students don’t really like tutorial.  In his interview, he said that lots of time he will just go to any classroom with his friends and they will talk and play on their phones,  which is not what tutorial was planned out to be.

    On the other hand Carson Coleman, who is also a junior this year, goes to the class that he has the lowest grade in, and then he does whatever he has to go to get his grade up, and if he finishes there, he will start working on homework. Carson got a 4.0 in fourth term of last year, which is a great example for what using tutorial right can do for your grades.

    Overall tutorial is a great tool that is given to students at Davis high school, and yet most students don’t take advantage of it. If you are one of those students, start using it in the right way now. You will see an improvement in your grades if you are doing your best during the forty-five minutes that are given to you.