Tate Gardner: Davis High’s Lockdown Corner

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The Art of Storytelling
January 10, 2019

7:00 Friday night. Davis High School. If you look to the boundary corner you’ll find #2. His name is Tate Gardner and he is Davis’s “Lockdown Cornerback”.

Tate is a leader and a great student. When asked what were his influences to play football he responded directly:

“My father introduced me to the sport and I fell in love with the game ever since.”

Tate works hard to be the best and to win whenever he can. He practices constantly and gives up a lot of his own time for it. Tate Gardener is a dedicated football players. I interviewed him recently to see why he likes the game, what got him to love it, and what it does for him.He likes football because he loves being out on the field with his team playing the game.

“Being able to start and play football is a great accomplishment of mine.”

He believes that it teaches him important lesson that he can use throughout his life. His training teaches him how to work hard and how to have a great work ethic.

When he was younger he was in little league football and he played in the mini bowl. It got him to love the game. His dad inspired him to play and he told me the football is in his blood because his father and his grandfather both played it.The football team has been doing very well this year and they hope to keep doing good. Sadly, we lost the homecoming game to Fremont. However, our football team did their best and this loss will not stop their enthusiasm, or ours.