Davis High Tutorial

    Joe Quillen

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    Davis High tutorial occurs every week on wednesday. Between second and third period we are given thirty minutes to go to any teacher and catch up any homework or make up work that needs to get done. Some love having tutorial while others think it is a waste of valuable school time.

    While it is great to have this time to get things done not very many students use the time they are given for homework, makeup work. But instead use it to chill, play on their phones, hangout with freinds, or take a quick power nap to get through the rest of the day.

    I conducted a poll asking students whether Davis should keep or dissolve tutorial. The ending results were ruffly 70% to 30%, in favor of keeping tutorial. I also found a interesting trend when asking people what they would prefer. I found that teachers are much more probable to vote to dissolve tutorial then to keep it, and students are just the opposite. This is due to the fact that teachers have to deal with routy, unsettling, and disrupitve students. But the students love it because it gives them an extra 30 minutes to do what ever they want during the school day.

    Just by looking at the results of the poll we can see that it is in Davis’s best interest to keep tutorial. But for the sake of the students and teachers they should find a better system that benefits evreyone.