Cheering at Football Games

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Cheering at Football Games


Football Season is one of the most unifying activities that the student population participates in together. The sound of the band performing and the cheerleaders cheering is familiar to most students at Davis High School. The majority are in screaming with “The Mob,” but what is it like to be at the game from a different perspective? Cheerleaders at Davis give their experience of being on a team and participating at football games. They share schedules, rules, and cheers.

Here is the summary of answers from interviews:

Cheerleaders practice every morning on B days, and Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are also required to take tumbling classes to make sure the level of skill is met. During the Summer, the majority of the practice was learning “game cheers,” and becoming synchronized together.

There are four types of cheers that are included in this “game cheer” category: Offense, Defense, Spirit, and Specialty. Offense cheers are cheering when our team has the ball and is trying to score. Defense cheers are when the opposing team has the ball, and when the crowd is supposed to help encourage our team. Spirit cheers include “Davis Darts.” It helps bring school spirit to the game. Specialty cheers are well-known by the crowd.

Here are only a few rules the cheerleaders are asked to follow at games:

  • Wear full uniform
  • No socializing out of line
  • No negative cheering

Every member answered “yes” when asked if games were exhausting. They say it is a combination of standing in heat, tumbling during touchdowns, and the cheers themselves that wear everyone out.

The cheerleaders at Davis say, “Come, support, and be involved in the games!” It helps to unify the school and shows our appreciation for everyone who contributes to the whole experience. From this perspective, we can see the time and dedication that is put into football games.