Kenzie Turley: The Story Behind the State Champion

Dax Pew

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December 19, 2019
Kenzie Turley: The Story Behind the State Champion

Turley, a name that has become synonymous with Tennis State Champions in Utah. You can see that the family almost makes the skill of tennis look genetic by the banners in the Davis High Gym littered with the name Turley next to State Champion.

This begs the question: Who is Kenzie Turley?

Kenzie Turley is a star tennis player that is attending Davis high. She has been destroying the competition for a long time now.

When asked what she credits to her success she responded emphatically

“I have been training daily since I was very young. I’ve had to sacrifice immensely to do so. However, it was worth getting the title.”

Kenizie’s family has always been into competitive sports. Her mom and sister have both played tennis in college so she has been watching tennis for a long time. Her family has been grooming her to play tennis her whole life.

Recently a back injury has put up a road block for the state champ.

Kenzie has a back injury from overuse. She has been working so hard and playing so much tennis that it has made it so she cant play. She is out for at least two months before she can get back to sweeping the competition.

She is working very hard to get back onto the court. When asked what she is doing to get back onto the court she said:

“My family and I have found great doctors who are going to help get me back to training at a high level.”

When asked how her not being on the team is going to effect the Davis high tennis team she said that they are going to still do great and she wishes them the best of luck, she cant wait to get back and is going to be supporting them until she is.