Globally Renowned Robotics Club

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Students controlling and programming robots to perform simple tasks may seem quit difficult to most people, but to the Davis High Robotics Club, constructing and directing robots is child’s play. Believe or not, the school’s robotics club typically has 35 to 40 students who are experienced and very skilled in constructed robots and programming them to perform desired tasks. Each of these students work hard to construct their own personal machine which they use to compete in tournaments and competitions. These competitions are based on how well each member’s robot is able to perform the given task. The structure of the club typically divides the 35+ members into 2-4 teams which work together to compete and win these competitions. Besides these teams the club has a presidency who oversees the club and their progress. The President of the 2018 Davis High Robotics Club is Trenton Peterson, who is ready and determined to lead the club to more success.

One of the amazing things about the robotics club, is their great success and global recognition. Each year at the end of April, the competition changes for the World Championships. This year’s competition is called Turning point, which can be seen in the room across from the counseling center. After Interviewing the adviser of the club, Dane Leifson, he said that his favorite and many of his students favorite competition was in 2015 which required the competitors to stack cube-like shapes onto poles. The remarkable thing about the members of the club came when i presented the question, “which of these varying competitons were your students best at?” To my suprised he replied by saying

“Many of my students excelled in many of them, which would explain why they do so well.” In the past year’s the Davis High Robotics Club has ranked among the top 6 teams in world the last 4 years!

Unfortunately for the club, just last year they lost 11 very valuable seniors who will be greatly missed. According to Mr. Leifson He and others of the club have high hopes for this season and are hoping to get a good start in their season opener in Lehi, on October 27th.