Why students are cheating

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The bell rings, signaling you’re late and you rush into class rubbing your red eyes. The only thing keeping you awake is the warm coffee in your hand. You sit down wearily and try not to make eye contact with anyone, especially the teacher, your too embarrassed about what your about to do as the teacher hands out the test you pull out your water bottle. You have secretly written the answers inside the paper you wrapped around it. Disguised by the graphic you paid a tech student to design for the water bottle.

Studies have shown that 2.1 million teenagers do not graduate from high school. Which might be the leading cause of cheating. If someone were to look up that statistic, per say, someone who was about to take a ACT in their senior year of high school. It would stress them out to the point where they would feel as if cheating was their only way out.
The entire work force and job opportunity revolves around college. How do you get into college? High school. Imagine how stressful that could be to a 17-18-year-old. Their just barely of legal age and already must go to college and spend hundreds of thousands. What is the money for? Books, classes, testing, etc. You fail testing college you don’t get a second chance unless you want to pay for the entire course over again, and these are not cheap courses. An average college course is about $594. That just for one.

Now, consider some of the classes you must take whilst you in college. History, Science, English, Math. Now if you take one of those it isn’t as bad. Maybe a bit more than 594. But you could probably handle it. Now take four. Which approximately adds up to 2376. Maybe even more if you must take a course over again. Then you add what else you have to pay for now that you not living on your parent’s money. The average dorm room costs about 10089. According to studies an average college student spends about 4000 on food, 655 on textbooks. IF the person is driving a car that can add about 368… A month. All of this leads up to about 21536 dollars per year.