Matt Ralston: The boy in the beanie

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One of the students Davis is not very used to is Matt Ralston. You may not know who he is but Matt Ralston is an amazing sophomore with amazing grades. He thinks the people at Davis are all right and although he hates the homework, he likes the learning curriculum.

Matt is often seen wearing a brown beanie, which was once grey. But after about 3 years of rock climbing, and sun exposure, the hat is now brown. Which to show that he is very athletic outside of school, although quiet in school.

Speaking about being quiet in school, Matt isn’t a very social person in general unless you know him, but he is a great listener and a great writer. He is in a journalism class, which he says is fun. He is following in his family’s footsteps of journalism.

He fits in okay in the Davis school district but surprisingly, he is from Jersey. He lived in New Jersey for 6 years before moving here in 9th grade. He attended Kaysville Jr high before attending here, at Davis, so he definitely has more experience in other states then some other kids in this school.

In music genres Matt’s liking ranges from Metal to Broadway music. He will listen to everything you tell him, except rap. He hates rap for the reason of he thinks they have no talent and they have no meaning behind their lyrics in most rap. He described it as “lyric throw up”.

These are just some of the reasons one should talk to and become friends with Matt Ralston. He’s very nice, and considerate, and fun, and he will basically talk about anything without it being awkward. He’ll listen to all your music (except rap), and he’ll give you an absolute honest opinion on things.