The A-Z of a Successful Student

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The A-Z of a Successful Student

Everyone wants to be successful in school, right? School right now effects your future career and life. Here is a list of ways you can be a successful student.


AAttitude. Attitude is everything when it comes to being successful in school. Your attitude controls your brain, making things easier like homework when you are in a positive mood.

BBelieve in yourself. You are your biggest critic, believe in your abilities and don’t underestimate yourself.

C– avoid Cramming.

DDetermination. Being determined is important for a successful student, because it keeps you on top of everything. It is much easier to finish through with your assignments and homework when you are determined.

EEat nutritious food. Your brain can only work if you feed your body good nutritious things.

F-sit near the Front. This assures you the ability to stay focused and ask questions.

GGoals. Making goals with an actual intention to finish through with those goals makes life as a successful student possible.

H– get Help if needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, if you don’t know something asking for help is key to succeeding.

I– be Involved in other activities and clubs throughout the school, this makes life at school fun, and helps you find more friends at your school and in your community.

J– find Joy in learning. Many people don’t have the opportunity to get an education. Find the Joy in each new thing you get to learn.

KKnowledgeable. Stay up to par on your knowledge. Thats something that will go with you throughout your life. Make sure your Know what is going on with the assignments and class activities.

LLeisure activities. You must have a balance between your leisure activities and your school studies. In order to stay motivated and happy you must have a few fun activities that you love in your life with your studies.

MMotivated. Stay motivated throughout your studies. It is important to be motivated in order to succeed.

N- take Notes. Taking notes is key to the ability to study. When you take notes, not only can you review them later. But writing them down helps you remember better too.

O- On time. Be on time to class, but also turn your assignments in on time. It shows respect and that you care about your education.

P- Participate. Participating makes sure that you are learning and asking questions if needs be.

Q- Questions. Ask questions! This clarifies your understanding, and makes sure you know what is going on.

R- Remain attentive. Paying attention in class is key to success. It will help you finish the homework, and do well on the tests and other in class activities.

S-Study. Set aside a time for studying. Listening in class is important, but you must practice after school as well if you want to be successful.

T– study Techniques. Find the study techniques that work best for you and the subject you are learning.

U- Use a planner. Using your planner is one of the most important steps to being successful. You are human, you are not perfect, therefore you won’t remember everything about every assignment you must do. A planner is something that helps you remember what you have to do throughout the rest of the day.

V- Vary study tasks. Doing one assignment for too long becomes boring and repetitive. If you vary the assignments you are working on or go for a walk in between assignments you will be more successful on each of your study tasks.

WWork hard. Make sure you are doing all of your work to the best of your abilities. Don’t get lazy.

X- eXamine each question carefully. Each point counts, and reading each question of a test or assignment carefully is extremely important to success.

Y- phYsically active. Stay physically active, taking care of your body is taking care of your mind.

Z- ZZZ. Get a good amount of sleep! Your brain needs sleep in order to function, but too much sleep can be bad too. Experts say teens should get 8-10 hours of sleep a night.