Jordans’ more then just a shoe

Joe Quillen

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Jordans more then just a shoe

Micheal Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever walk the earth. With his athleticism and perfect technique Jordan brought an intensity to the game like no other player. Most people see or hear about Jordan and think of the legacy that he left behind on the court, but he also left his stamp on the shoe market. The shoe market is projected to be worth 371.8 billion dollars by 2020, and over half of these shoes are made up of  the famed Air Jordans. Mike didn’t just bring take basketball to new heights but also the shoe game as well.

These shoes range anywhere from $75 dollars at the cheapest to $31,000 for the famed Air Jordan 2 OG’s. The shoe market consists of people buying and reselling shoes for more then they bought them for, and making insane profit margins. The Air Jordan shoes were special made for Jordan during his career and released to the public in 1984, and since then have become an iconic piece of appeal that your must have.

“I wear Jordan’s cause it lets me flex me flex on everyone else” says Trevor Schwab a junior here at Davis High.

There is not just a market for these shoes but a whole culture as well. The demand for these shoes is so high that people have lost their lives over the shoes. James Anthony Smith was a 17 year old lost his life last December when he was shot and on a basketball court. He was found a block away with know shoes on, he died 2 hours later in the hospital.

Jordan’s, the shoe that is not just a shoe but a life style.