The Best Cars for Teens

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New year, new semester
January 17, 2019

Have you ever wondered what the best car for your first car would be? Well through this we can decide what the best car is for you. There should be a couple things that you should start off looking for, safety, miles per gallon, and finally, price. There are some cars that are very safe but are very pricey. some great examples of good cars are Volkswagen, ford, Subaru. Volkswagen has a very good safety rating. they test them for the autobahn in Germany where the speed limit is higher than most highways, so they test at higher speeds than the U.S made cars. besides that, they are very affordable, and you can pick up one for around 25,000 for a brand new 2018 model fully loaded. I personally have one and it not only has power, but it is a very nice ride and fun to drive. 

Fords are very durable and can come out of a crash with a few scratches. Although they have problems quite a bit like the check engine light comes on and is typically not very cheap to fix whatever is wrong with the car. but if you are looking for a strong American made car you should consider a Ford. They are known for their trucks, but they also make other SUV’s and coupes that are very strong just like the trucks and can hold up very well in accidents. not to mention that they are cheap for what you are getting into.

Subaru’s are probably the safest car out of the three listed, they have a very strong chassis and have a ton of tech to stop rear endings and warnings when you are too close to someone or something. they also have a feature where if you are drifting in to another lane on the freeway it corrects you and turns the wheels to the middle of the lane to stop any accidents from happening there for being a very safe car. the price tag can be harsh but if you buy a used one with low miles it should be a little cheaper. Subaru is a very safe car and is probably worth the extra money to be very safe.