The secret Davis Sports healer

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December 19, 2019
The secret Davis Sports healer

Injuries are an athletes worst nightmare. They are a high price to pay from athletes doing what they love. Though injuries are terrible they have shaped who Marissa Cook is today.

Marissa started to think about being a physical therapist when she was fairly young, she was one of the unfortunate athletes who was injured a lot and had to get a lot of surgeries, She never stopped loving sports though.

She has had to put a lot of work into what she does, when asked about what schooling she went through she said:

” I have a bachelor in health and a masters in athletic training”. It is hard work trying to become a physical therapist.

When asked how many students she thinks she helps a year on average she said

“Roughly three hundred”. There are about six hundred total athletes at Davis high, so she is helping about half of the athletes every year. She is extremely busy with all the sports.

Marissa loves sports and going to all of the games not just because she has to go for her job but because she is passionate about sports and helping athletes. She said her favorite sports are ” probably football because of the atmosphere it has but also basketball because that has been my favorite sport since i was little and I played. When asked what injuries she sees most she said ” Ankles for sure, in all sports”.

Marissa is the back bone of Davis High sports, she doesn’t get recognized very often because it is all behind the scenes but a lot of athletes owe her a lot from all the amazing work she has done.