Lunch time at Davis high

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School can be very stressful and super overwhelming. You might have a full day of hard studies or testing. This can be super challenging and too much to handle. Good thing we have lunch. Lunch is a good way to rejuvenate your brain and give yourself a little break. You can eat lunch, chill out and socialize with your friends, it also can be a great way to catch up on schooling and talk to your teachers. One way or another, lunch is everybody’s favorite.

Instantly when the end of 3/7 period bells go off cars race out of the parking lots. Drive thru lines pile up at fast food places just down the street, like Taco Time, Dylan’s and Arctic Circle. Some people race off to go home and make up something there, majority of students do this. Still a lot of students fill the cafeteria and eat the school food. Some students also go to classrooms and do work, or hangout in there. Almost everyone that can drive, leaves the school with friends and eats elsewhere, that includes mainly the juniors and seniors. Sophomores still try to find a way to do this too though.

Lunch can be a big reliever from school and the stress it can bring. Students of Davis High do variety of things with the 40 minutes given each day. Whether students leave or stay at school, lunch is a highlight to a school day.