The Two Sides to Moshing

Wyatt Ko

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My quarantine journal
April 21, 2020

Moshing has become a regularity of school dances and it has grown into a massive issue. Although many students see it as a harmless activity that is meant to enhance the experience of dancing inside of a high school gym, this is not the case, there is a chance that moshing does not enhance the experience and instead ruin it. There is a reason why the school administration has been warning the entire school against moshing at school dances for years.

Two years ago, a girl in the middle of a mosh pit fell onto the ground and was trampled to the extent that her collar bone was fractured. Another girl during that same dance also fell incorrectly and broke her foot. The main issue that the administration has with moshing is not the fact the students are jumping up and down while having fun. The issue is that while the students are jumping up and down they are also pushing into each other and creating a more dangerous situation for the students around them.

When asked

“Do you think that the moshing has gotten worse?”

The administration responded with

“Yes, it has gotten much worse than in previous years, if this same moshing were to continue at the winter dance then the administrative board will have to sit down and have a serious meeting about cancelling a future dance.”

This is very concerning to the student body because most of the students enjoy these school dances and would hate to see one of the dances being cancelled.

“We mosh because it’s fun and you can go crazy while expressing yourself”

Said Matt Brewer when asked about why he and others mosh.

Moshing, although it is dangerous, can also be a good way to increase the levels of fun that can be experienced at a dance. There is one major consequence to moshing, and although it hasn’t been an issue in the past the administration could possibly be getting rid of an extra school dance this year. Don’t get too carried away with the moshing and remember that safety is always first!