Hunter Kitchen and why running is fun

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Last Friday at the Region 1 junior varsity championships, we saw some astounding performances from Davis High School. Besides securing a region title with a perfect score, the Davis boys were able to streak 1 through 7 and obtain 16 of the top 18 race spots. One of the craziest of these races was done by a very known member of the team, Hunter Kitchen. If Any of you have been to the region one course, you now that the 3-mile course consists of 3 large laps that winds through the grass and trees of Layton Park. This year the legendary Davis Streak, was led by sophomore, Hunter Kitchen, who ran the course in a blazing 16:43. Hunter not only obtained a huge personal record for himself but an impressive first win of the season. After speaking with him subsequently to the race, he said that he felt good from the gun and he was ecstatic that he was able to finish out front.

Besides region, Hunter Kitchen has shown some great success this season. At the large-scale Murray Invite He placed 5th in a talented field of sophomore runners. He also led the secondary varsity squad at the antelope island race and has had many other very impressive performances as a sophomore in high school. After talking with Hunter said he is very excited for future years with Davis and he is ready to work hard as a leader on the team.

Outside of running Hunter enjoys spending his time Waterskiing, playing basketball, taking long showers, fortnite, singing love songs, playing croquet, and dressing up. In one cool thing about Hunter is that he is part of a waterski club and owns a membership on a private ski lake in Syracuse. He has also competed in one skiing tournament and is hoping to participate in more. Hunter also played basketball on the Fairfield Jr. High team his 8th and 9th grade year. Some of his favorite his favorite foods include blended pasta, ice cream, breakfast food, and metallic water (out of his hydroflask).

One of the big things people have against cross country is the difficulty of the sport. Many people ask, “how is it fun to go out and run 8 miles a day?” “how do you push yourself to run that fast.” and “Doesn’t it hurt?” After inquiring Hunter about these questions, he gave some valid answers that may shed some light on the Davis High Cross-Country team. Hunter said that yes it is hard to run that much every day-he runs every day before and after school- but when you experience all that pain then pull out a win like he did at region, or a massive PR, it makes it all worth it. Hunter also said that he runs because it is fun, he truly believes he wouldn’t be able to do what he does every day if he wasn’t doing it with his best friends. “It’s so fun to be able to be around my friends every day, sometimes for weeks at a time, and its not always because we’re running.” In fact, one of Hunter’s favorite running memories is sing karaoke in the back of the ice truck at cross country camp. In November Hunter is going to participate in Nike Cross Regionals and is hoping to cap off his season with a great race, and to enjoy spending time with his friends who are going as well.