The problem with Schools putting too much Emphasis on Grades

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    Imagine if grades were everything in your life and they control whats happens to you and your future. If we keep on the pace we are on right now we will eventually get there. Grades should be student based because all students learn different and figure things out different then others. Dax Pew (a student at Davis) said

    “Grades should definitely be based on each kid and how they are learning, because every kid goes at their own pace.”

    Kids always talk about how hard homework is and how they get behind and how stressful it is too keep their grades up. The good thing about grades is that it keeps kids motivated to get things done and be at class for the days to come. Some teachers just don’t connect that well with their students making it harder for students to like a class and keep up on grades.

    The question that kept coming up was if we got rid of grades what would administration do to motivate kids to care about classes and their well being for the future. Dallen Burningham says

    “The most motivation for me would be that I need to get a good education to provide for my family in the future and having a good job.”

    For kids this could be such a big motivation but there is also a lot of students who aren’t really thinking about that kind of stuff right now. This would be one of the hardest things to create something or reward system for the kids to keep them motivated.

    Another thing that came into account was that kids was that there is a good portion of kids that learn the best by self learning. Also that tests and stuff can change grades too much. Kids don’t like when teachers stand all class talking and not letting them go and do something where they can learn themselves. Students lose interest if a teacher just sits there talking. Then the assignments they give cover all they talk about but can be hard to remember because of how much they talked about. Grades shouldn’t mean as much as they do right now.