Davis Football wins late thriller

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Last Friday, the 12th our team fought tooth and nail for a really close win of 13-12. Towards the end Ethan Earnshaw, blocked a field goal securing the team a spot in the playoffs. When Parker Last was asked what was going through his head in that moment he stated:

“The whole team was ecstatic, we were yelling and screaming. I was so happy!” They were really prepared for the game and knew that both them and the coaches put a lot of time and practice into it all to prepare the team for any situation they’d be in.

This game was not won without much effort. Every day the team practices for at least 2 hours, on Mondays they install things they need to do for the game. Tuesdays they go through everything, Wednesdays they clean everything up and make it look nice.  And Thursday, the day before the game they do a walk through and make sure they are completely ready for the game.

When asked what their greatest strength is as a team, most players agreed with Last when he said:

“We really function as a team. We’re all there for each other, and there’s no one person trying to take the spotlight. We’re all in it for each other.” One of their main goals for the season is to “make a good run in the playoffs.” Last states. “I feel like we lost a couple of games in region that we should have won. And we’re going to see how far we can get in the playoffs, we are going to get to the University of Utah and win championships.

Although this was an amazing win, the team isn’t done yet, they plan on winning clear through championships. Things are looking up for the Davis High football team as long as they stay functioning as a team.