Most popular TV shows at Davis

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TV shows are very popular in our society these days. Now with the convenient apps like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, you can turn on your favorite show in a matter of seconds just by a tap on the screen. Most of the students at Davis High have their favorite shows that they watch.

A poll was taken and some students of Davis High chose: The Office, Parks and Recreation, Psych, Stranger Things, Friends and 13 Reasons Why. These were the results for some students of Davis High’s favorite TV shows.

There’s many different shows out there, and the fact that these particular shows chosen, shows that teens are drawn to comedy and funny TV shows. But also shows like stranger things, and 13 Reasons Why, there seems to be an interest in mystery and drama as well.

You may agree to disagree with these TV choices. Many people have varied opinions on this. If you have a different favorite show you watch feel free to leave a comment below:) !