Athlete Spotlight: Erika Wisden

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Born and raised in Davis County, Erika Wisden is anything but a typical teenager. As a player on the Junior Varsity tennis team at Davis, she must balance social life, grades, and sleep; things high schoolers do not wish to do. Erika began competitive tennis in seventh grade. In order to commit her time to the sport, she had to quit dance. She claims though this sport requires a lot of mental energy, it gives her a “natural high.” “It helps me to focus, and it clears my mind,” she says. At least eight hours a week are used to practice; sometimes six-hour days!

Her time and dedication have paid off; this season she has only lost one match. The only downfall to the sport, in her opinion, is the pressure she puts on herself to progress and succeed. Besides tennis, Wisden enjoys sleeping, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her dog, Stella. After high school, she plans to attend the University of Utah, and if possible, travel. Career-wise, she wants to be an embryologist, or something in the medical field. Some advice she has to newcomers at Davis: “Be open to everyone. Davis needs to eliminate its cliques, so everyone can be included. You make so many more friends this way!” As a tennis champion, potential doctor, and amazing friend, Erika Wisden achieves her goals through hard work and dedication.