Parker Last: The Leader of the Line

Dax Pew

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December 19, 2019

Parker Last is a student at Davis High school, but he isn’t just a normal student. Parker is the center for the Davis high Darts football team. The center is one of the most impactful leaders on the team, everything on offense starts with him. It’s clear to see that Parker is a general on the offensive line and that comes from years of experience on the field.

Parker got into football because his older brother played before him. He looks up to his brother and at that time he wanted to get into football as soon as he could.

When Parker was asked what his favorite thing about football was he said:

“My favorite thing about football is playing with my friends, it makes practice a lot more fun and winning with your friends is the best feeling”.

Parker has been working very hard ever since he started playing the game. He has been playing for twelve years. When asked if he likes playing center he said:

“Obviously it gets a little old but this is the best position for me on the field. I call pass protections, identify middle line backer, and make sure the five guys on the line are working as one”.

Parker and the Darts are in the playoffs, they play hunter this week. He thinks that they can beat hunter this Friday and make a run in the playoffs if everyone does their job and works together.