Nick Fisher: The Hardworking Student

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When you come to Davis High you will meet a ton of different kids with different personalities and what people like. In this article the Spotlight is going to be Nick Fisher (a Junior at Davis). He was asked why he likes to come to school and he said,

“I like coming so that I can talk to all of my buddies and socializing.” The social system at Davis is crazy if you walk around you see a ton of people who are socializing with a whole bunch of different people. There are a whole lot of people and Nick likes to see all the different kind of people.

Nick says he likes Davis because the teachers here are amazing and can everyone gets along so well and there usually isn’t any conflict between the students here. Things between students still happen here but you don’t hear as much as you usually would at a school.czv Nick also stated

“Here at Davis we have high expectations and we usually live up to them, we are all good students and get things done.”

The teachers here are great and connect with students making it a lot easier for students to get their work done and getting good grades.

Nick plays basketball on the team at Davis. He talked about how much he loves to play whenever he can, even if it is video games too. After school he loves to play ball with his buddies and it can get very competitive. He says they usually play for food or money to make the games even more intense. Him and some of the players like to stay after school and hoop.  Nick says this school has just been great and he’s made a lot of good friends that will last a lifetime and will never forget his time here.