Davis High’s newest rival

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School athletics and sporting events continue to gain more popularity from the student fan base. For numerous football and basketball game students go out of their way to make it to each game to cheer on their darts. One of the big things that continues to draw students out to these games is the school rivalries.

Ever since Davis high was built the Darts have continued to battle out big school rivals; Layton High, and Veiwmont High. Year after year athletes and students prep to beat and out cheer these rival schools. But one question continues to arise throughout the district: “Will Farmington High School turn out to be Davis’s new rival.”

Just this summer the completion of the multi-million-dollar Farmington High School split the district. Specifically, Davis and Veiwmont have experienced large losses of students to Farmington high and an influx of students from Layton. Just this Fall, Farmington high has gotten a lot of hate from other schools for their new school and young students.

Unfortunately for Farmington, due to a very small senior class of only 200+ students, the school has had to play all their sports against 5A teams, while Davis and Layton have a much larger student base to retain their 6A position.

Luckily, because Farmington will be replenished with sophomores this coming year, it is rumored that they will make the jump to 6A, making them an opponent to the darts. Whatever the case, we know that tension continues to arise between Davis and Farmington students, and we can assume that they will be a big rivalry in coming years.