Marching Band takes off to Bands Of America

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Davis High’s marching band has had a very successful year. This weekend they participated in a multi-state competition in Southern Utah. This is known as ‘Bands Of America’. It is a really big, and important competition that teams from all over- like California, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, work hard all season for this very moment.

Davis Highs marching band did very well this year. Placing 5th overall. Just ahead of us our rivals, American Fork coming 2nd. And the winning team, a school in California called Ayala. Our school has really shown a great performance, placing very well with hard competition all around them.

“Bands of America is my favorite! We all look so forward to it!” Tenor saxophone player Kennedy McKenzie stated. “We get really close as a team, and you make a ton of new friends!”

Bands of America isn’t just a really big event for these competitors, but its a really fun, and great bonding experience for the members on the team.

“Our team’s goal this whole season was to work hard ever day and put in the effort that leaves us feeling accomplished and super happy after competition day.” Another team member, Megan Muirbrook stated. “After bands of America, all of us as a team were left feeling super accomplished and happy, but of course there’s always that feeling of knowing we could’ve done better, and that there’s room for improvement.”

Like the many of us that were affected by the dividing of students at Davis High. A huge portion of the marching band go to Farmington High School now. This really affected the marching team, leaving them really worried and anxious at the beginning of the season. However throughout the season, with hard work and perseverance this years marching band has risen up and totally out-shined their expectations from the beginning. This year our team has done even better than the years before, and with this being their last performance, they’re all left being super happy and thrilled with the overall results.