Cheerleaders: The hardest working team at Davis

Aidan Hansel

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The Davis High Cheerleaders are a very hardworking team at the school. The team practices a total of 10 hours per week plus sports event that the school has. Megan Harris is on the team and she said:

“Yes its fun to perform at the football games and cheer as a team”

Cheerleaders area able to pack so much into a week. They wake up early and have practice, then they go to school for the day, have an after school practice, then go home and do homework and they do it all over again the next day. Megan said:

“We go to practice, stretch, go over routine and stuff, go to school, and then do homework all night.”

Cheerleaders are some of the most talented women in the school, they have to posses many talents. One trick they have to be able to have is called a standing tuck, which is essentially a back flip. Megan said

“As a cheerleader you have to have a standing tuck, be able to be loud and very outgoing, and have lots of strength.”

Being a cheerleader would be fun, you get to dance and perform in front of a huge crowd, you have the chance to get to know everyone on the team and make new friends, and be able to go to all the games. Megan was asked what her favorite part of a being a cheerleader was and she said:

“My favorite part is going to the football games and cheering for my team.”

She was then asked what her least favorite part was, and she said:

“We spend way too much time at the school.”

The cheerleaders are an amazing team here at Davis High and they work so hard to make games so much better with there amazing cheers and smiling faces. Anyone that attends the games will say the cheerleaders helped make it a better experience for everyone.