Davis Debate terrorizes the Titans

Wyatt Ko

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April 21, 2020


At the Titan Terror tournament that took place in Syracuse High School on October 26th, the Davis Debate team stole the spotlight from the competition in a display of unmatched skill. The students in Lincoln Douglass debate swept with Jake Sims in 1st place, Bryn Montierth in 2nd, and Sugar Santillan in 3rd. Policy debate was almost swept by Davis with Melani Downs and Alison Gee in 2nd place, and Eli Tesch and Sam Copa in 3rd place. Although the organizers of Titan Terror did not hold an official sweepstakes to see who had the best overall performance, Davis High obviously “obtained the grain”.

The speech team had a rough time with their competition at this tournament. Although the rough patch was hit quite roughly by the speech team, they will hopefully be able to make a recovery and bounce back at the next tournament at which they will participate.

“The team wasn’t massively represented at this tournament with only about one third of the total team attending to represent Davis.” Said the debate coach Mrs. Hendricks.

On Friday of this week the Portia Douglass debate tournament is being held and when asked, the debate coach Mrs. Hendricks said

“Hopefully the debate team will do as well as they did at Titan Terror.”

The debate team is projected to have a completely different roster of students attending the Portia Douglass tournament with most of the experienced debaters and speech students leading the charge into the competition.