Nation’s new sport… Pickle ball

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January 7, 2019
Nations new sport... Pickle ball

A new sport is beginning to spread through our Nation. Pickle ball is a new sport that has found its ways to the headlines today. Pickle ball courts are becoming a very popular spot all around the community.

Pickle ball is a very complicated sport, with lots of little rules. A couple of these complicated rules include; First, you have to serve the ball diagonally across the court, and you have to let the ball bounce before starting a volley. Second, each person is allowed two mess-ups, which means they will always serve at least twice. And lastly, there is a seven foot no-volley zone, where you are not aloud to hit the ball.

Here at Davis High school, a pickle ball club has just beeen established. It is run By history teacher, Megan Tarbit. Many students that have been playing pickle ball all summer, and students that have never played before have joined this club.

This is a very new club here at Davis High. Pickle ball became very popular over the last couple weeks of school last year and throughout the summer. Due to the sport’s popularity, some students here at Davis decided to start the club, because they enjoyed playing the sport.

Pickle ball was not a very well known sport until this boom. Nobody really played it. Just this summer, it seemed like many moms and families started playing together at Barne’s park. This influx of popularity has now made its way to Davis’s students.

If you enjoy playing Pickle ball contact Megan Tarbit for details, and go have fun with fellow students.