The maze of Davis High

Dax Pew

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December 19, 2019

Parking has plagued the students of Davis high since the school was built. Students have to wonder every day where they are going to park or when they have to leave to get a good spot so they can leave fast for lunch.

Students get to school at varied times depending on where they want to park or if they even care. Jake Samson a student at Davis said,

” I don’t really care to get a good parking spot, I just try to get to school before the first bell rings”.

On the other hand Robin Nelson tries to get a good spot every day and gets to the school at seven fifteen for her preferred spot.

To get a good spot you need to come early normally, and depending on where you live you could have to end up leaving really early if you live far away.

The parking at lunch is a whole different animal. If you don’t get out early you could be waiting in a line to get out of the parking lot. Everyone is in a rush and it can be very scary to be in a car or a pedestrian.

You need to be on high alert in the Davis High school parking lot at all times, if you are not you could find yourself hitting another car. As long as you are paying attention you should be great.