2018-2019 Winter Fashion Tips

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January 7, 2019
2018-2019 Winter Fashion Tips

The winter is a challenging time for students to both look good and stay warm. Students are finding creative good looking ways to fulfill this task.

Winter is starting to hit Kaysville, Utah. At Davis High school, an item that is trending is fluffy/fur coats. Students, and families are finding ways to incorporate these coats into outfits. Overall, jackets are a big fashion statement in the winter season.

For shoes, boots are more popular during the winter season. The reason: protection from snow, and retaining heat. They are added to outfits because of this.

For pants; jeans are always a good choice. Because they are and have always been in style. They are also durable, and warm.

For shirt/jacket; Shirt is not as important as the jacket. if you have a neutral shirt and a good jacket, then you will stand out, and be able to express yourself.

For a perfect winter outfit for 2018-2019; you want to find, some nice fashionable boots, and a pair of blue jeans. With a neutral short or long sleeve shirt. Which will be underneath the crown on top; a nice big fur coat.

Overall, winter fashion tips for 2018-2019 are, simple, neutral, and timeless.