Mrs. Wright: The Master of Crafts

Dax Pew

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December 19, 2019
Mrs. Wright: The Master of Crafts

There is a teacher at Davis High that is a forger of metal and a connoisseur of the arts. Mrs. Wright is an amazing teacher here at Davis that loves teaching art. Mrs. Write’s passion is art history.

When asked what she loves the most about teaching she said

” I love giving students the freedom to express themselves”

Mrs. Wright is a teacher who absolutely loves her job, you can tell she loves it by the way she caries herself. She always has a smile on her face and is always dancing around. She has a very vibrant personality and is always on the move

Mrs. wright’s favorite thing to make is rings, because soldering is her favorite thing to do. When Mrs. Wright was asked what she loves about jewelry she said

” I love all things dangley and sparkly for the lobes wrist and fingers appeal to me”