The Typical Weekend for A Davis Student

Joe Quillen

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The Typical Weekend for A Davis Student

Most people have a stereotype of a the typical teenager and what they do no the weekends. Get together with some friends and maybe go to local party, or some hood rat shenanigans, or  pull up and see the newest movie.

But what really happens on the weekend or the typical Davis high student.

Matt Rolston a sophomore here at Davis tells us that his typical weekend consists of a few things. “Squading up with his homies and puts in some hours in on the playstation.

Isaac whipple is a jr. at Davis High. With a wide variety of things to do you never know what he could be doing on the weekend.

“Depending on my work schedule my weekend changes every week.” He then goes on to tell us a couple things that usually end up in his typical weekend.

After school gets out on friday he will usually run home real quick, grad a quick snack and make plans while “depositing sewage”.

“We usually end up skating for a few hours and then making a quick mcdonalds run at some point.”

He then goes on to say that him and his friends will usually find some neighborhood shenanigans and end the night crafting till the morning. He also works at least one weekend day every week.

Grace Barker a senior at Davis has many things that happen in her typical weekend. She starts out by texting people around 6:00 and will usually be hanging out by 8:30.

“We hang out at Mcdonalds alot” Grace says.

If Grace isn’t with friends you can usually find her at a concert with a couple of her close friends. She then ends her weekend on saturday with putting hours in at her job.

Yes some of the high school stereotypes do hold true, but between school, work, extra curricular activties, and social life, the typical teenager stay pretty busy day to day and week to week.