Ralph Breaks the Internet-movie review

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One of Disney’s most beloved movies “Wreck it Ralph” has released it’s new movie sequel “Ralph Breaks the Internet” this past week. It’s a movie based on friendship and sticking together. It’s a total family friendly film, full of kicks and giggles.

The reviews on Rotten Tomato came back as quite a surprise. The average rating was a 3.6/5 and a 68%. The reviews are full of good and poor comments. Common comments were:

“This movie was boring.” Or “It didn’t quite reach the level of the first one.”

However others said “This was just as good as the first one, if not better!” Or “this was a very well done movie, lots of good laughs!”

Many people have different opinions and perspectives of this movie, as you’ll see in every movie. Although most people still enjoyed it, I think they had a higher expectation going into this movie, and left feeling disappointed. As people have commented:

“Its not as funny as the first one” or “they tried too hard this time.”

So it was just quite disappointing for the audience, since the first Wreck it Ralph (2012) was such a well liked movie, which was given a 4.1/5 on rotten tomatoes.

However the Film and Television critics gave this movie an 87%. So it’s interesting how it was enjoyed more by the professionals than the audience.

Take the chance to see this movie! And decide which side you stand on.

Feel free to leave comments about your thoughts on this movie:)