Davis High Wrestling is underway


Photo cred: @davishighwrestling

Abrianna Fowler, Writer

Davis high school’s wrestling team coached by Bo Roundy is getting ready to kick off their season, first Saturday in December, having over 3 state placers last year these Darts are ready to take state again.

“I’m excited to start the season, I love the team and the coaches. My goal is to take state again!” says Kristina Kent who placed first in state last year and is eager to get back into the swing of wrestling season.

Last year Davis High’s Wrestling team had a goal to get 28 wrestlers with at least 10 varsity matches, they got 24! And some wrestlers with more then 50 matches, these wrestlers include Geo Thomas – 57, who also got a state place last year, Cam – 52, and Xander – 50.

Wrestlers who got 40+ matches last year include Kae – 49, Max – 47, Jacob – 44, Liam, Josh Roylance, and JC – 41. Wrestlers with 30+ matches include, Oliver – 39, Tayden – 38, Luke – 34, Dawson – 32, and Josh – 31.

Boys state placers include Jacob Waddoups, Geo Thomas, and Kael Jenkins, Girl’s state placers include Kristina Kent, and Val Martinez. “I want to stay disciplined and push towards getting state.” States Val Martinez who’s been wrestling for 6 years and placed 4th in state last year.

Last year Davis High’s top 2 highest juniors, who will be seniors for this season, were Cameron Nelson – 3.31 and JC Warnick – 3.902. “All the coaches are willing to help you be successful and lift you up.” Says Cameron Nelson whose goal is place in state this year.

The start of the Davis high school wrestling season closing in, these darts, with the help of their coaches Bo Roundy and Malia Roundy, are ready to get out there and take state again!