Garret Cisneros, the “Mob” leader


Derek Hansen

Garret Cisneros is a senior at Davis high school with many different titles, including the leader of the Davis high mob. Garret is extremely friendly and fun and always knows how to have a good time. He likes spending time with and taking his grandmother on fun dates and activities.

Garret is full of interesting facts including that hes half Mexican, he loves the snow, and enjoys the taste of burnt popcorn, he even snacks on it weekly! His favorite thing to do on the weekend is hang out with his friends, known as the “shmunks”.

This man full of wonders says his spirit animal is a sloth, which if you get to know garret, you will agree with that statement. He also works at noodles and company in station park adding his unique ideas to their meals.

Garret strives to be a successful hip hop rapper when he grows up, eventually being known as “chowder”, his rap name. He finds his inspiration to better himself through other peoples happiness and success.His advice for other high school students is “have fun, let loose,  because this time goes by quick and sooner than later it’ll be gone.”

If you see garret in the halls or at work or anywhere else be sure to say hi, because he’s always looking for new friends and people to talk to, and i promise you’ll enjoy having a conversation with him.