The great trip before college


lots of people at Davis high are graduating this year and it is tradition to go on a trip after you graduate. whether it is just to Las Vegas or to somewhere in Europe, you should celebrate finishing 13+ years in school. staying in school for that long is very hard and very stressful so after you accomplish something as big as graduating high school you should treat yourself. we all have those time where you just want to give up and drop out of school, but if you are a senior you can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel, so you should finish and get high school out of your hair, so you can celebrate a big step in your life.

for all of the work you go through in your past years of high school you should take a short break before you go to college and that is what the senior trip is for. you could probably convince your parents to fly you somewhere that you have always wanted to go because you can bring up that life come faster than you think and soon you will be too busy to do what you want to do. maybe you just want to take a month to relax and chill with your family, that’s really great too as long as you take a break from life stresses for a while because at the end of the year you are an adult and you will have to take on lots of responsibility’s. 

A great place to go for a while before you go to college is California because if you just chill and sit on the beach with some friends and watch the waves crash at your feet that will be therapeutic for you. While you sit there you will realize that you have no responsibility’s and can just have a free mind. Another great place is the Mediterranean, the views you have anywhere are breath taking and the whole atmosphere is really just a cool experience. If you do go somewhere really fun like the Mediterranean, you will have a very good and relaxing time but if you go to California you will also be really relaxed and ready to go to college.