Nye wins New Balance Nationals

Every athlete dreams of being the best they can be. They strive to be the best in their Jr. High, than High School, but not everyone gets to say they are the best in their State. If they become best in their State, than competing at the National level comes into the picture.

This ideal, dream scenario is exactly what has happened to Senior, Brad Nye. Ever since Jr. High he has been the best. Last year, Nye won a State Championship in the mile.

This achievement was what Nye had been dreaming of ever since he started running. Winning a State Championship was always the goal.

Ever since last season’s amazing performance at State, Nye has been working hard to keep improving. Nye said “The goal is to always improve.”

Nye had the opportunity to compete at the New Balance Indoor Nationals, held in New York City, on March 11.  Winning wasn’t on his mind, all he wanted was to be competitive.

Nye ended up being more than competitive. He finished first place out of 13 runners. This race is one of the biggest Indoor track meets in the Nation. He ran a personal record of 4:08.670. Three seconds off of the meet record.

Nye said “This race is the culmination of my running career, best achievement so far, all the hard work paying off.” Nye beat Edward Cheserek, the top ranked distance runner in the nation. Cheserek was favored to win every event he competed in. It made beating him that much more exciting for Nye.

This mile time will ensure Brad of future invites to more National events.

Winning national events such as the New Balance, strengthens Brad’s resume. Nye said, “Open’s up doors for bigger races, puts me on the map nationally, scholarship could go up.” Brad will be competing at BYU come next year.

Before the race Coach Talley and Coach Anderson reminded Brad of all the hard work he has put in. They told him to think about all the great practices he has had recently, they told him that he is ready for this. They reminded him that being in a race like this is an amazing opportunity, take advantage of it, be grateful for it.

Brad has two people that helped him get to where he is today. Nye says, “Without them I wouldn’t be where I am.” They are Head Coach Corbin Talley and his older brother Jace Nye. He said “Talley is always there for me, he gets a lot of credit.” He said about his brother “He got me involved, helped me along, never pushed me into it, helped whenever I needed.”

Brad’s older brother Jace Nye ran at the NCAA Championships. Brad wants to follow in his footsteps. Getting to the NCAA’s has always been a dream, winning a state championship was his first goal. Ever since he won State things started clicking.

Brad is hoping to improve to 4:05 or 4:06 come the end of the outdoor season. He said “Continue to be competitive, fast in state, set records, and win more national events.”