Davis High Debates at UVU for Marie Clegg Mem.


Brady Karras

Davis High battles for victory in the Marie Clegg memorial competition. The competition will be taking place at Utah Valley University. At the tournament, controversial topics will be fought about to create a very thought provoking situations.

I asked the Davis High Debate team captain Jackson Ridges how he expects the team to perform and he said “We took first at region and third at state last year and are hoping to improve this year” The competition will have around 400 competitors participating in the events

One of the most popular events to be competed for is impromptu. In impromptu you are giving a word and you are supposed to make a speech just based on that word with a short amount of prep time. Extemp is a similar to the impromptu event but it is based on current events happening in the world.

Events like the Lincoln Douglas debates will be competed in. The Lincoln Douglas debates are structured like the debate that took place between Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas back in the 1800’s about slavery during the republican primaries in 1858. They also have the events public forum and policy, impromptu, oratory, and exempt.

Photo credit: https://samedaypapers.com/blog/debate-topics.