DTV News


Max Isaacson

Davis High School is home to many programs and clubs. At least every day Davis High will host or participate in a sporting event or extra curricular activity. Among those clubs are DTV. Originally founded by Terri Hall, it is now ran by Derrick Miller and his dedicated news team. What was once a school newspaper class, they are now a television station that reports and broadcasts anything from the local basketball game to current events around the world. They also spread word of new clubs and extra curricular activities going on at Davis.

“I love working with everyone, they are all so much fun.” says Maddie Mcbride.

Not only is DTV a news station, but a way for students to learn social skills and get a feel of how it would be to run an actual news team. It informs the team and the students of Davis High of the real world and brings them closer to relate in a more personal way. Unlike other news casts, jokes and skits are added by the DTV team as fun little twists, to entertain the school every week.

DTV allows students to be informed of the world around them, and what is going on in their High School. You can tune in and watch the news team in action every Wednesday during homeroom. They are also found on the Davis High News website.