6 common cliques of Davis High


In every high school worldwide there are many cliques through out, and Davis High School is no exception. On a day to day basis the individuals interact with the others in their clique, and rarely interact with individuals outside of the clique they would be considered a part of. The hard part is determining what clique you would be put into. There are many cliques but there are 6 in particular that are largely seen above others.

Out of all the cliques, probably the most common and high up with their social status would be the jocks. These are the kids that play for the high schools sports teams and usually have little other interests outside of their sports. Although, there’s many different sub-groups within this clique but they are all considered a part of the same clique.

Another one of the most common cliques are the dancers. These range anywhere from the D’ettes to the Cheerleaders. They’re the stereotypical pretty girls that all the girls want to be friends with and all the guys want to date. The different groups typically do not all hang together but within their certain groups they’re very tight knit.

Next up are the intellects. There are many different types, and regardless of the type of smarts they have they’re usually a pretty close group of kids. A more commonly used term for this clique would be “nerds” which may be seen as rude, but that’s how the world usually categorizes this group. They’re the kids that get the 4.0’s and the brown tutorial papers.

The skaters are also among one of the most common cliques as well this group of kids don’t typically go outside of their group when it comes to social interaction. They’re one of the most tight knit groups when it comes down to it because there aren’t multiple groups within this clique.

Artists are probably the most spread out clique because there are so many different kinds of art that are done within. From paint brushes, to pencils, to ceramics there are so many different kinds of art that go on at Davis High.

The last group are really an unclassified group that we’ll call the “outcasts,” they usually just keep to themselves and live their day to day academic lives uninterrupted. This clique is the most spread out because there are so many different groups among them.

Although there are many more than just these 6, those are the most common cliques of Davis High. It may be hard to identify what clique you are a part of, and it may be easy, but regardless, everyone is a part of this school of diverse personalities.