Athlete Spotlight: KO Fisher, a big fish in a big pond


Zoe Jacobs

For most people, two torn ACL’s would indicate the end of their high school sports career. For KO Fisher, this is not the case.

As a sophomore, KO tore his ACL playing as a defensive end during a football game and was not able to play the rest of the football season or the basketball season that winter. After going through a tough recovery, he was able to play a successful season of football and basketball his junior year. A year later, KO’s final season of high school football was cut short as he was blinded with another ACL tear, this time in his other knee.

Instead of just deciding to be done with high school sports for good, KO went through another grueling recovery, and, five months later, became a starter on the varsity basketball team. It was not easy for KO to overcome the challenge of rehabilitating a knee for the second time. “It very mentally and physically challenging,” he stated.

His family, friends, coaches, and determination were very important influences during his recovery, and helped KO push himself to his limits so he could play basketball with his friends.

The boys’ basketball team has done very well this year with a record of 16-7 and taking second in region, heading into the playoffs. KO Fisher has been a big part of their success as the starting center.

“It’s been really fun and cool to be playing again with some of my best friends.”

He is enjoying living up his senior year and that high school sports have been a big reason why he’s enjoyed being a student here at Davis High so much.