What are the effects of contact sports on mental health?


In recent years mental health in boxing has been a concern for many, and with more technology there is more research done on the effects of boxing. Most contact sports provide the risk of concussion and now there is evidence to show the mental side of things.

Former heavyweight Tyson Fury has weighed in on this in a recent interview with ESPN.

“I lost my will to live.” states Fury.

This is a seriously concerning statement because mental health can affect the lives of athletes and anyone.

In high contact sports like combat, football, hockey and many more sports the rate of concussions is huge. When someone gets too many concussions in sports it can affect them for life.This could cause an athlete to develop a brain disease known as CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy).

One of the most famous cases of this disease was in an NFL football player. Junior Seau was a linebacker and a prominent force in the NFL. Years after he retired, he committed suicide in his apartment. He wrote down lyrics to his favorite song that says he was ashamed of who he had become. Perhaps the most disturbing and sad part of it all was that he shot himself in the chest so that scientists could study his brain and see the trauma he had developed over the years. To this day sports doctors and scientists are looking for new ways to prevent CTE or lessen the trauma of contact sports.