Student Spotlight: softball_swagger11 Paige


Margaret Brown

Paige Elkins is a grand slam of a player and a person. Paige is an amazing athlete that plays for Davis Highs Softball team. She started playing when she was 6 and has a huge love for the sport.

“I love playing for Davis because I am so close to all the girls on the team.”

High School Softball teams compete for region title and eventually state title. With this being her last year, she is hoping to help her team win at state.

Paige loves giving it all for her team. “I’m excited for this season because i’m a senior and i just can’t wait to ball out.”

Even though this is Paige’s last year in high school softball, she is going to continue to play in college. She committed to Snow Colleges softball team.

Paige plays on a comp team as well. She compares it to the Davis Team, and confirms she likes Davis better than the comp team because she gets closer to the girls on her team.

Paige is also an amazing student at Davis. She loves spending time with her friends and taking classes. She has gone to Davis all three years and has made many good memories.