90’s Davis High

90s Davis High

2019, a technological overgrown time. A time in which cars have started to run solely on electricity and cell phones dominate society. A time in which the term “patience” has retired and instant gratification is only a click away. The internet has flourished and is utilized in just about every household, workplace, and school.

Even our local high school Davis High School, would be unrecognizable if it weren’t for the trademark colors and unique mascot. To someone who went to Davis in the 90’s would have a complete different experience as one who goes to Davis in modern day time.

Davis in the 90’s, a time in which rap did not dominate musical culture. Instead an era of grunge, punk, and alternative rock was popular. An age where cell phones and the internet were yet to be born. To have a conversation you would actually have to talk to someone face to face. Although Davis was different back then, some things remain the same.

“I still remember going to the old Tastey’s with all my buddies for lunch. It’s now across the street from where it was.” Said a former graduate from Davis High.

The ancient tile “D” that has been inherited from senior class to senior class, was still a respected tradition in the 90’s. Students used to swim in Lake Fiesta just like they do today. Social cliques like jocks, mathletes, and preps existed then and now. However not everything was the same back then.

Davis has almost been completely remodeled and changed from what it once was. Davis in the 90’s was a very old school. However being as old as it was, there was plenty to add on. Adding more space and rooms, as well as urban legends within in the school. Old students used to spend their time searching abandoned class rooms and storage rooms in search of something out of the ordinary. Tunnels enclosed Davis, providing another canvas for students to explore. According to some, there was even a swimming pool in the basement of Davis.

Students spent their time back then a lot differently then students do today. In an age where there were no phones or internet, students had to get creative. Some student would meet up at the Training Table in Layton after football games. Others would spend the week of homecoming sitting around a bonfire on the driving range, east of the football field. However not everything students did was fun for everyone.

High school in the 90’s could have been a scary place as a freshman or sophomore. Back in the 90’s, hazing was aloof and was seen as just another tradition. Some seniors and juniors would stack pennies in the hall, if you were the unlucky sophomore to knock it over. You would be forced to push the pennies into a pile with your nose. If you lost a sporting match, you could be urinated on in the showers by seniors.

Life was quite different back in the 90’s and in some aspects would have been a lot of fun. A world without technology and social media encouraged creativity and allowed students to learn skills of coping and communication.