Tatum Cook: one of the best officers you’ll have!


Luis Mussalem

Sweet as a peach, Tatum Cook is one of the 2018-2019 Junior Class Officers. Besides student government, she has been involved with track since her sophomore year, and she appears to have a great time when it comes to both. But, she also said that sleeping is one good hobby of hers.

Her birthday is on July 16th, and here is what she has to say about it:

“I like cupcakes more than cakes, and I like to swim and spend time with people I love.”

Speaking of people she loves, we wanted to know what Tatum likes to do with family and friends.

“My family and I enjoy  to play games, the board ones and video games too, like Mario Kart…and swimming too. When it comes to friends, I like to hike with them during summer time.”

”Tatum is super fun, she loves to do new things and I admire her for being very supportive, funny, and outgoing. I’m glad that I am part of her life,” said Julia Hampton, one of Tatum’s friends that likes to go hiking and boating with her.

Since everyone appears to be glad that Tatum is their officer, we were wondering what made her run last year and what her goals were. She said:

“The people. The good you get to do, go to all the activities and support the teams and be able to see the hard work they put on. And I have a lot of school pride.”

After reading this, I hope that if you do not know Tatum you better look for her, because it is totally worth it. We are glad that she can represent Davis so well and show her support at all the sports activities and be such a nice person to everyone.