Utah: The Nations’s best state


Utah, the beehive state, in my opinion is the best state. From everything from economics to culture, Utah is abundantly rich. From any demographic you are coming from, Utah has a fit for you. From Salt lake City to Saint George, Utah is the best state in the best country in the world.

Utah’s economy is booming. With a GDP of 100.7 billion and higher GDP’s than countries like Hungary, Mongolia, Iceland, Ukraine, and Guatamala. In 2017, Utah was the second fastest growing company population and economic wise. With big markets in tourism, mining, manufacturing, technology, and petroleum, Utah brings lots of profit and jobs to the state.

Utah is a perfect place for the outdoorsy demographic. Utah has the 3rd highest amount of national parks out of the 50 states with 5 national parks. Utah also has a very large amount of state parks counting up to 43.  Outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, off-roading, wake boarding, hunting, and much more. Most of the population of Utah lives alongside the mountain range, that means people do not have to drive to far to get into the mountains.

Culturally, Utah is terrific. The art scene in Salt Lake City is wonderful, they have spectacular plays at Eccles theater in down town Salt Lake. They have a large amount of murals painting on the sides of buildings in the city as well. The Utah Jazz, the local NBA team brings some unification in fan ship among the people of Utah. The “holy war” is probably the most divisive event in Utah, but is also basically a state holiday. The heated rivalry game between Utah university and BYU is an event to look forward to every year. One thing people from out of state notice is the large amount of people who enjoy wearing shorts and short sleeved T shirts in the winter time.

When most of people from out of state think of Utah, they think of it as the “Mormon” state. With around 60% of the states population being registered with the Mormon church, it is clearly a majority LDS state. Also, the LDS church’s head quarters are located in Salt Lake City along side with its biggest and most famous temple. The state was also founded by the Mormon pioneers in the 1800’s when the were escaping persecution.

With so many things to do and so many great people to meet in Utah, it is clear that Utah is the best state. Students at Davis High School are very lucky to be living in such a great state that Utah is.