What is Choir Solo and Ensemble?


Lindsy Hales

In this past week, students in the Davis high choir program were given the great opportunity to participate in solo and ensemble.  Students were required to choose and prepare a solo, piano solo, or choral ensemble and perform it in front of an adjudicator. They were judged and given a rating. Their given rating determines whether they have achieved the overall goal; moving on to the region festival.

Moving on to region is a major achievement. Only a select few duets, solos, and ensembles are chosen to move on. Students are adjudicated based on the following categories: Intonation, Tone Quality, Factors for Musicality such as phrasing and dynamics, and how well they perform the song (how they act and if they are well prepared). Students prepare a song in the ‘classical genre”. (Music from the 1600’s to the 1900’s.)