The Anti-Vaccine Movement Exposed



One might think that in 2019 easily preventable diseases wouldn’t be an issue. However, a different kind of epidemic is sweeping the world: vaccine hesitancy. In fact, vaccine hesitant parents were one of the top global health risks of 2018. Over 220 cases of measles have been reported in the Us across 12 different states. 72 of these cases have been reported to take place in Washington, where the antivaxx unit is very strong.

But why are these parents opting out of the evidently effective immunizations? Here’s some of the top reasons parents aren’t vaccinating their children.

  1. vaccines cause AUTISM!!!
  2. people are getting sicker
  3. vaccines are too expensive

Of course, we all know that autism is a genetic disability influenced by different factors. A parent with ASD, certain genetic conditions, and having a very low birth weight can all cause autism. A study of 96,000 US children show that there is no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

“Even if they did cause autism, that would just be who they are,” says an anonymous DHS senior with high-functioning autism. “It’s like sexuality, that’s just what you’re programmed to do.” Just because a person has autism doesn’t mean they can’t lead a normal life. Debunked.

People are getting sicker because more and more people are opting out of flu shots and vaccines! Debunked.

Maybe the cost of getting all your children’s vaccines is a little expensive, but the $80,000 you’ll be spending to treat your child’s measles is definitely worse. smh

Anti-vaxxers live in their own little echo cambers, where they refuse to look at or listen to anyone who might disagree with them. Our hearts go out to their poor children who are given no say in what happens to them.

Here’s a meme to lift the spirits!

Remember: vaccinate your freaking children.