Davis Boys Spring Style


Ashton Weber

With spring right around the corner, and the weather getting warmer, boys are starting to transition from their winter closet to their spring closet. As boys bring an end to wearing jeans and hoodies they are beginning to move towards something more comfortable and cooler.

During the winter, the colder weather outside brings boys to try and find that middle ground between being warm and comfortable as well as being stylish. Most boys were wearing something with longer sleeves and a little more layers such as a hoodie, a flannel, or even just a long sleeve shirt. When it comes to pants, the 2 typical pairs worn were jeans or just a basic pair of sweats; there are also always those kids that wear shorts year round no matter the weather.

Starting from the bottom, the main shoes being worn are a basic pair of runners whether they’re Nike, Adidas, or puma. Another pair of shoes are in the rotation for many are Vans, most likely because there are so many different styles and they’re able to be dressed up or dressed down and still look good.

Next up is a style that’s been trending since the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Many kids are really liking the no socks look with the runners or with the vans, mainly because whether you wear runners or vans the no socks look enhances the combo with shorts or even jeans. No show socks are a really popular way of doing so, although on the topic of socks there are still kids that like to wear the classic pair of white Nike socks.

With the way Utah’s weather is it’s always a good idea to keep the winter and summer closets open at all times. Pants are the main article of clothing that are constantly in rotation for boys. When the warm weather comes around many like to change into shorts, but there always the kids that like to stay in jeans year round.

This is the time of year when a hoodie or jacket becomes less of a necessity and more of a choice of style. Many will begin to wear long sleeves, and when it becomes warm enough to they will begin with short sleeves. School is indoor, though, so despite what the temperature is outside they will still wear a short sleeve shirt.

The final article of clothing that is allowed at Davis is head wear. Although many at Davis choose not to wear anything up top, a popular style that many like are beanies. For those who like to wear something on their head that aren’t a fan of beanies, a flat brim or even a dad hat are a great alternative.

Now, these aren’t all the styles that go around, but these are the style most begin sporting in the spring at Davis. Springs coming up so start closing up that winter closet and start jumping into something a little cooler and a little more comfortable.