Greg Page Is The Man!


Julia Hampton

Want to go for a hike or drive in the mountains? Want to have someone to talk about music or guitar with? Greg Page is your guy! Greg is one of the 2018-2019 Sophomore officers, soon to be candidate for 2019-2020 Jr officer. He is always on the run doing what he loves, literally.

Along side of all his many talents and interests, he is also on the Davis track team. He loves doing anything that involves being in the mountains, hiking, camping, going for drives, and skiing. He says he is so passionate about skiing because he is able,

“To be up in the mountains and be with friends.”

He has been skiing basically all his life up at Snowbasin, and is a total powder junkie. One of his dreams is that he will be sponsored as a Backcountry skier.

He self taught himself the guitar and has been playing for the past year and a half, he loves having jam sessions with his friends. He is really passionate about music and loves finding new music, listening to it, and sharing with people. He usually listen to music like, alternative, R&B, and singer songwriter. He enthusiastically said that just a few of his favorite bands and artists were,

“John Denver, Rex Orange Country, The Lumineers, The Beatles, Mipso, and The Backseat Lovers.”

Greg is always down to do something and have fun! Some of his favorite things to do with family and friends are,

“Go camping, go on drives, and go to concerts.”

Hope all of you get to know him and see just how awesome he really is!