Spencer Vernon Darts Secret Weapon


Jack Rigby

Spencer Vernon was Davis high basketballs secret weapon. The 6’2 junior never shied away from a challenge Coach Sims put in front of him. The basketball team took a trip to North Carolina to play some tough competition. They were playing a North Carolina team that was top in the state and then an unfortunate accident occurred. Spencer took a nasty fall and broke his wrist.

“I went up for a dunk and I got my legs taken out and I tried to catch my self and I felt a pop on my wrist.” says Spencer.

At first Vernon thought it was just a jammed wrist and he wanted to keep playing but coaches wouldn’t let him because it was too swollen, you could tell something was wrong.

“I was very sad when they wouldn’t let me go back in and play.” admits Vernon.

Spencer broke his wrist and was out for 6 weeks. He missed the first half of region play. He came back later made a huge impact on the darts and was a huge part of their great success.

“It was a blessing in disguise, when I was out I took that opportunity to get stronger and did a lot of lower body work and ultimately made me a better basketball player.” states Spencer.