Student Spotlight: Gary THE Boy


Ashton Weber

Eli Borup, better known as “Gary” (A nickname given cause of his Fortnite username), is an above average student here at Davis High School with many accomplishments to his name. Eli is a junior here at Davis High, and loved by many of the students.

When asked his thoughts on Eli, Korey Peters (one of Eli’s closest friends) replied: “He’s funny and caring, and always knows how to bring those up who may be feeling down.”

Although Eli is known by many for being the son of Mrs. Sarah Borup, a Special Ed teacher, and Mr. Cory Borup, a Spanish teacher here at Davis; Eli has shown out to be a funny, loving kid who has given himself his own image here.

Eli is also quite the athlete, playing many sports from soccer to football. As a kid he played soccer, but quit when he was in 7th grade when he took a step back from athletics. He then took up football and played linebacker for the team during his sophomore year. This last winter Eli played on a basketball team known as the “Honcho Ballas,” which also included other students from Davis High.

Eli is also a well rounded individual. When asked what he does outside of schooling and athletics, he said, “I play the violin, I enjoy playing video games, and also hanging out with friends.” Eli is a very well rounded individual, and very outgoing. He’s the type of person people love to be around.

With Eli being in his junior year he looks forward to his senior year, where he plans to keep up his academics and make new memories with his friends.